Whatchamacallit, thingumabob, or doohickey. The (not so) technical term for these types of words are place-holder names [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Placeholder_name]. You know, when you can't actually remember what it's called or you simply don't want to expend the energy to explain it. That's when you queue the "doodad" or, in our house, the "Whobaloo". I don't know how my wife picked it up. I joke that she actually heard "hullabaloo" and has just been getting it wrong all these years. However whobaloo came to be, we have had plenty of opportunities to use it with our 3 boys (ages 8 - 13). "What's for dinner?", "What are you doing?" or "When can we go?" these (never-ending) questions have all been handed the "whobaloo" from time to time.

We had an idea to build an app. A studio where it is easy to create printed business cards, postcards, invitations, posters, etc. There are a ton of sites out there that let you plug your photo and text into an already made template but we wanted to do something different. We wanted to be able to start from a blank canvas and therefore, allow the user to determine what the purpose of the print is going to be. So what do you call a postcard that can be used for anything? A "postcard plus"...? A "postcard with benefits"...? I don't know... It's a whobaloo.

What will your Whobaloo look like?

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