Product / Studio FAQ

What products do you offer?

Currently we offer postcards, business cards and flyers. We are looking to expand our product line. If you don't see a product you want, please send us an email and let us know.

Here are the current sizes of the cards we offer:
  • 4.625 x 6.25 Postcard
  • 5 x 7 Postcard
  • 3.5 x 4.875 Postcard
  • 2 x 3.5 Business Card
  • 8.5 x 11 Flyer

What type of paper do you use?

We use 110 pound glossy paper. At a later time we will add other options for different paper types.

How do I add the art, text and photos to the card?

There are three buttons directly to the right of the blank card. When adding art elements, a window will open that allows you to add the art to the card. When adding text, new text will appear directly on your card and you can update it in the text layer. When adding a photo, a new window will open up to allow you upload your photos and will also display photos that have already been uploaded.

Why is my photo so small?

In order to have the best quality of photos on your card, photos should be 300dpi. When your card is uploaded if it is not 300dpi we adjust the image to be 300dpi. During this adjustment the photo can be smaller then expected.

Why are layers appearing when I add things to the card?

With every element, when added to the card, a new layer will be added to the right of the card. In each layer, different controls to edit the element will be available whether it is to scale, rotate or change colors. Also, you can change the layer order by dragging the layers above one another.

Why is there a background layer and why can't I move it?

The background layer gives you the ability to choose any color for the card. Since it is the background layer, you can not move the layer on top of other layers.

I still have a question, who can I contact?

We love questions and comments. Feel free to connect with us via email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.